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Killing rats

Have rats near your chickens? Learn how to kill them.


5 Step Guide: How to Make your Own Bait Box

Making your own bait box for putting down rat poison is easy.

You will need:

  • An empty ice cream tub with lid (I prefer chocolate, but any flavour will do)
  • An empty margarine tub without lid
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 3 bricks
  • Rat poison (we recommend starting with this brand)
bait box

Step 1

Cut a hole in one end of the ice cream tub, about 4cm diameter is good.


bait box


Step 2

Trim the top off the empty margarine tub. I cut mine to about 4cm high.


bait box


Step 4

Put poison in the margarine tub. For this example I have used corn flakes instead of poison, this is because I keep my poison in the barn and it is raining at the moment. I also don’t like cornflakes very much.


bait box


Step 5

Put the lid on the ice cream tub, and secure the box with 3 bricks so that the lid is secure and the box isn’t going anywhere.


bait box


Tips for poisoning rats


  • Clearly mark your bait box so that anyone who sees it knows that it contains poison and will leave it alone.
  • When you first put poison down for rats, they will be cautious and probably give it a wide berth for a while, so don’t be surprised if it takes up to a week before you notice the poison has been eaten.

    You get what you pay for when it comes to poisons so expect better results if you buy a decent poison from an agricultural store than you would from using a budget brand control poison from the local “£” shop. We used this brand with good success when we had a rat problem.

  • You don’t need to overload your bait box; a little bit and often is the way to go!
  • Rats are pretty dirty and poison is pretty dangerous, so it’s not a bad idea to wear gloves when checking and topping up your bait box or removing any dead rats you find.
  • Rats develop resistances to poisons pretty fast. If your poisoning campaign doesn’t seem to killing rats despite the poison being eaten try changing the brand and type of poison you are using.
  • Poison is dangerous if not treated with respect, handle it with care and always be mindful of the effect it can have on other animals. Always make sure your bait box is secure and take extra measures if dogs, cats or children might be in the vicinity. Check your bait boxes regularly and look for signs of other animals being attracted to them and take any appropriate action to make sure they are safe.
  • During your poisoning campaign you should look for and dispose of any rat corpses so that residue poison does not affect any local wildlife.

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  1. All About Chickens» Blog Archive » Rats! Says:

    [...] We put 5 or 6 bait boxes down for the rats and placed them in all the rats’ favourite hidey holes – between stacked hay bales, behind the food bins and in strategic points that have high rat traffic. We replenished the poison on a daily basis, as it was taken every night, and after around a week we had made a significant dent in the population. The bait boxes are still down but very little, if any, has been taken for several weeks now. Read about making a rat bait box. [...]

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